Ruby Lips

My friends, today I would like to talk about a subject which is very very important to me. I am certain you will feel identified with this Tip as it affects all of uf, man and woman.

This must have happened to everyone of us… we are talking to a friend and without realising the person we are talking to starts to wet their lips constantly or even biting their top lip… not very attractive right? Haha… In those moments, the only thing you want is for the other person to drink their coffee as soon as possible so you can go! Or simply you leave all believes behind and decide to share your favourite lip balm with the hope that this will soon end. 

One of the most sensitive parts of our body are our lips and that is what I would like to talk to you about today, “The Lips” and how to avoid severe dryness and how to tackle this problem in an effective way.

It could be because of the weather conditions, cold, heat, smog or simply just because you have sensitive skin, there is no worst sensation than having dry lips, it is bothersome and all joking aside in some occasions is even painful. (when I was a little girl I used to suffer from this constantly). 

There are two main causes, one of them (and the most important) is dehydration. The other is the unlimited used of lip balms and similar products. Vaseline, Blistex, Lipstick, Gloss, etc. (products which have a butter base are the worst for this problem). With the constant use our lips get used to this external hydration and the body stops hydrating naturally therefore we become addicted to the balm and everytime we do not have it we feel the urgency to wear it. This alleviates the dryness temporarily but the only thing we achieve is for the skin to stop producing the natural oils it needs and that is why the skin feels constantly dry and demands a product that will make them hydrated again. It is a vicious circle but as we all know all extremes are bad.

Now let’s talk about the solution and what we can do to avoid it. Besides I will give you some of my most precious secrets to keep your lips looking naturally healthy.

First of all, WATER, lots and lots of water. The ideal amount should be a minimum of 2 litres a day (aprox 8 big glasses),  however we all know is difficult so reasonably it is a good start if you at least have 1 litre per day.  *Tip = the best way to start is to do it slowly. 1 litre, then a litre and a glass, then a litre and 1/2 and so on. 

Secondly, it is a good idea to exfoliate your lips every now and then, I do it approximately every two weeks. For this I prefer and use a mixture of natural products that I can find at home, i.e. honey and sugar (ideally the really thick honey, the one that is almost granulated), also I like to use coconut oil and sea salt. (if you do not like salt, you can use sugar). 

Now, if you have your lips extremely dry, the way I described at the beginning of this article, I recommend that you stop the use of lip balms or any other product you are using. Do not exfoliate your lips as this will harm them, I recommend to wash your lips with a glycerine soap and then apply Blistex Medicated Oil (the white one which smells like the dentist) once or twice a day for a couple of days and this will bring you back to normality.

With these simple steps you will see how your lips look totally healthy same as your skin. You will see your favourite lipstick last longer and it is even easier to take it off or change colours. For me personally, I prefer more natural looking lips, I assure you that with a simple gloss or a little pink on them your lips will look fabulous. Natural lips are coming as a strong trend for SS16 and we saw them at runway looks like Elie Saab, Versace and Victoria Beckham, so girls, let’s be ready for next summer or if you prefer to be really on trend you can wear these from now in our SS15.

If none of these tips work for you and your lips continue to be extremely dry it is because your problem may be more serious than you think and I recommend to visit a dermatologist… better to be safe.

I know this topic is lived by many, I hope you like it and it is helpful! 

See you next time!!!